Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What is Forex Trading?

What is Forex Trading?

Foreign Exchange market is commonly known as Forex market that has been established since 1970s. It is successfully recognized as the leader of liquid financial market these days. The transactions compared to the New York Stock Exchange reaches hundreds times bigger. The market is basically selling and buying money freely. It involves buying one currency and selling another.The main currencies in Forex will be US dollars competes with British Pound sterling, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, and Euro. The currencies here are symbolized in three letters, for example USD, GBP, JPY, CHF . The first two letter are indicating the name of the country, and the last letter is indicating the name of the currency.

The trading of these currency pairs are constantly going because it’s done in all around the world. The value of each currency is pretty much determined by the demand in the market, not by the exchange as in the futures and stock markets. So it can be rising or failing. This is when the trader can take any position in the market, and if the market moved favorably from their position, they may gain profit. Forex trading also allows an immense leverage so that a trader can take position even up to 100 times of their actual capital. The trading can either be done in short period of time within the same day, or in an extended duration or overnight period.

Forex trading market is unique because it requests a quite simple qualification for the traders to invest and also the market is done worldwide, so it’s not based in any particular place. It is where a free competition runs in the market without having any external control. The market is considered objective too because the prices can’t be manipulatively changed unless one has tens of billions dollars to operate.

However, you must be aware that Forex trading is a high risk high return business. Although you can get a great amount of money, you can also lose a great amount of money as well. The way of investing is not complicated and it is a solid investment where you can gain a good profit if you do it right. So, before jumping in the field, learning Forex , both technical and fundamental analysis, are an obligation steps. Finally, does Forex suit you? Are you ready with all it needs



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